CoD: Black Ops III_  is set to be the next big Call of Duty game following Advanced Warfare. BO3 was created by the popular development team known as Treyarch and will feature characters with technological upgrades. The storyline explains that humans are having implants installed into their bodies to improve certain aspects of themselves. Armed forces are also making use of these technologies by installing implants in soldiers or even replacing damaged limbs with robotic prosthetics.

The timeline of the game isn't as far into the future as Advanced Warfare, but is still set ahead of the time that Black Ops 2 took place. Black Ops 3's new movement system gives players new abilities and quickens the playing pace a bit, but it's not as chaotic or sporadic as the movements in other titles like AW. Not to mention all of the new guns in Black ops 3.

Not to be outshined by another top-selling Activision franchise, Desitny, Black Ops 3 also brings another brand-new aspect to Call of Duty - BO3 classes. At the beginning of each multiplayer match players are asked to choose a specialist. These are brand-new clasess that feature advanced weapons and even some nifty abilities. Players can choose to use a weapon that change the tide of battle in a few short moments or use one of many abilities that allow them to pop out of sight, teleport back to a previous position, and a lot more.

Both competitive and casual players were unimpressed with CoD: AW and COD: Ghosts. These players are hopeful that BO3 will provide a better experience. Many people absolutely hated that you could fly so high with the exo suits in AW, as well as get kills using laser-powered rifles. There are definitely new additions to the game, but it still feels a lot like its predecessor, Black Ops 2. In other words, just about everyone should be comfortable with the minor changes that have been made to the movement system.

If sporty new moves and character classes aren't enough for you, good news, BO3 still has even more new features. Gunsmith is a nifty new addition that makes it possible to view weapons in a 3D atmopshere as well as make custom designs to stick on the sides of a gun and more. All of these brand-new features will definitely help Black Ops 3 feel like a new game. Lots of players are in the mindset that Call of Duty games are nearly all copy-and-paste jobs just with slightly different maps and guns. BO3, on the other hand, has a lot more to offer than that.

Some may believe it's the same game every year, but that hasn't stopped the Black Ops 3 hype from escalating. Millions worldwide are anxiously awaiting its release. Sales are expected to be huge, but may falter a bit due to another hyped game, Star Wars Battlefront, coming out just a week after Black Ops 3. Want to show off and whoop your friends and online opponents right from the start? Pick up a BO3 guide to learn strategies and loadouts that will help you stomp in public and private matches.

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