A brand new title under the Tom Clancy umbrella, The Division, will release this year. Compared to the rest of the Tom Clancy game franchise, this title is a very ambitious and potentially groundbreaking game. It's an open-world, third-person shooter in which players get to explore and fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic New York City.

There are tons of missions that players can take on either as a solo agent or with a squad. These missions typically involve rescuing hostages, retrieving specific items, or just taking down bad guys.  The level of difficulty varies. Enemies can be anything from basic foot-soldiers that aren't too hard to eliminate or bullet-sponge bosses that require a well thought out strategy to kill.

The Division isn't all about PvE content, though. If missions aren't your thing, don't run away just yet. There's also a hefty PvP side to The Division. This part of the game is referred to as the Dark Zone.

The Dark Zone is a massive space that players can explore at their own risk. Here, players are given the option of teaming up and taking down tougher AI enemies for rewards or they can begin an all-out war with one another.

While traversing this area you'll want to play it cautiously. Death should be avoided at all costs. Death results in lost items. If another player takes you out, they can rummage through your inventory and take what they please. Your overall DZ level is also partly determined by your K/D ratio. A high level means a greater chance at finding some really great gear in loot chests. Stay alive and you'll get rewarded. The Division weapons guide.

Will this game be a huge success or major flop? It definitely seems possible providing the developers maintain it well. The Division will have to overcome the fierce competition of established games like Black Ops 3 and Destiny to come out a winner, though. Destiny, being a huge title and another MMO-shooter, is what a lot of people are comparing this game to.

The Division will be supported with a few major expansions and additional, smaller updates throughout the year. These are ambitious plans but, if they pull it off, it could help boost them over their biggest rival, Destiny. Many gamers have been frustrated with Destiny, the other big MMO shooter, because of a lack of content.

If Ubisoft proves capable of maintaining the game, The Division stands a chance at being a highly popular franchise. Gamers across all platforms are excited to try their hand at The Division. The closed beta concluded this past week, but an open beta will be available for The Division very soon. TC the Division Guide.

Ubisoft's The Division is supposed to be available for PC and current-gen consoles in early March.

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